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Care & Maintenance

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Even though your Baby Skates are manufactured from the highest quality materials available, it is not recommended that they stay outside in the weather. It is far better to store them inside at room temperature. Click for bigger picture of Baby Skates bag!


After each use take a soft cloth or a paper towel and wipe the Blade Assembly off. If desired you can also clean the Blade Assembly with a solution of soap and water and buff to a nice original shine.


If scuff marks and or dirt spots appear on the Boot they can usually be removed very easily. Use a combination of warm water and mild dish soap with a soft cloth. Gently scrub off and or wipe off marks. Do not soak the Boot in water. Just use a damp cloth. Use a dry towel or soft cloth to buff to a nice original shine.

Our product uses only the best materials available. Our top quality leather used in manufacturing BABY SKATES is the smart choice for these types of ice skate boots. You will be pleased with both the appearance and how amazingly well they hold up over time and through use.

Those are all the maintenance tips. Other than that - have fun with your child and be a mentor or parent who encourages rather than discourages. Always be sure that your child is wearing a helmet which fits correctly along with all other appropriate padding and clothing.

Congratulations on your purchase of BABY SKATES !

Should you ever need it, you can get warranty service or just get in touch with us.

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